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7 Surprising Alternative Luxury Holidays

You have hit 20 years in Marriage? It’s time you give yourselves that luxury holiday trip. You deserve it.
You have been planning a luxury holiday for your whole family? So, you want something appropriate for you and for your kids. Well, we got your back!
Here is a close look at the luxury holiday options you probably haven’t heard of. We break it down in the best way; destination, where to stay, how to get around.

  1. Longitude 131°- Australia
    Located at the spiritual heart of Australia in Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, Longitude 131 is heavenly.
    It is a place of quiet rest. Where a soul glares into the wilderness and peace is instilled in the heart. Besides, the site offers a vast richness in history. Not forgetting the most real treasure of them all, the cultural heritage.

Where to stay?
The Baille’s Lodges, cool as you like.
However, the more fun traveller will pick a campervan and make merry. There are a wide variety of luxury campervans to discover which might take your fancy.

  1. Fox Harb’r Resort – Canada
    The Fox Harb’r Resort is developed out of love for a home place. Therefore, the place is at home. Home to comfort, charm, passion and holiday vibes.
    Oh, did I mention home to cuisine? Well, there it is.
    You get to enjoy all the outdoor fun activities; wine tours, golf, private sightseeing, fly fishing, sky kayaking and much more.

Where to stay?
There is a wide range of options; spacious studio suites, Executive Suites, Town home.
You can only be spoilt of choice.
Besides, depending on the numbers you have you can take a suitable luxury camper van

  1. Okavango Delta- Botswana
    Imagine a combination of Yoga and Safari? Just imagine!
    Well, Safari is interacting with wildlife in their natural habitat. Nothing defeats mother-nature.
    Well, be prepared for a 4×4 campervan because the roads are rugged. But that is where the fun lies.
  2. Mackinnon South Island, Christchurch – New Zealand
    You will need a Sunscreen for this. Plus, a swimming gear.
    The South Island is rich with marine life.
    Here is the catch with this holiday destination; you get to do it with other like-minded travellers. You are likely going to forge lifetime friends during the holiday.
  3. Creta Maris Beach Resort – Greece
    It is only 24 km from the Heraklion International Airport, yet that is not the exciting feature.
    It is the plants and flowers. The flowers possess a scent that makes you crave for more.
    The beach destination gives an ocean view ideal for meditation and mind clearing.
    Yet, the historical inspiration of the architecture is the most exciting feature of them all. So, learn about ancient Greece while at it.
  4. The Svalbard Islands – Norway
    This destination offers unique; Arctic lifestyle, rich wildlife and old towns.
    Here, about 3000 humans co-exist with the polar bears. The weather here is cold so you must be prepared.
    The community consists of persons with the best of hearts and hospitable. Additionally, if you have never had a chance to feast the arctic way, this is it!
  5. Namibia
    The last destination takes you to land so vast yet with only 2 million people.
    Namibia stands home to more than 25% of the world’s cheater population. Furthermore, the black rhino, the very last ones are host in Namibian savannah.
    Culture still remains uninterrupted hence you will have a full taste of the native culture. Tip – It’s exciting a culture.
    Clearly, there is something for everyone. Take your destination of the 7. And have an unforgettable holiday experience

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