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Best Grand Gorge South Rim Helicopter Tours

The South Rim is definitely an amazing area of the Grand Gorge to go to since it covers more than one million acres of diverse landscapes. It might be impossible to experience it all on the typical land tour. Rather, you will want to have a tour on among the Grand Gorge helicopters that flies you over nearly 75 % from the entire Park within an hour or so.

It might most likely get you several weeks of hiking with the gorge to determine exactly the same sights by walking. Plus, seeing the gorge in the air provides you with a much better appreciation from the immensity and grandeur of the national treasure. The South Rim is amazingly beautiful, and going for a helicopter tour means will not miss a factor.

Touring The South Rim

Because there are different tours available, you’ll find one which seems like fun and fits your financial allowance too.

The fundamental 30-minute tour may be the least costly also it flies you within the South and north Rims. This wide swath of land includes many spectacular landmarks, like the Dragoon Corridor, also is the largest area of the gorge.

These flights could be upgraded having a Jeep ride with the gorge. So combined with the exciting aerial tour, you’ll be able to have a fun ground tour to famous spots for example Mather Point, Yavapai Point, and Yaki Point, in addition to Grand Gorge Village. The roads within the Grand Gorge are frequently quite busy throughout the peak summer time tourist several weeks. This is exactly why a Jeep tour may be beneficial, you’re able to begin to see the primary landmarks without getting to visit around the busy primary roads.

Aside from the half hour helicopter tour, there’s additionally a fifty minute air tour available. The more tour covers much more ground, this is why exactly the same sights because the shorter tour and also the Jeep tour combined. Some major landmarks you will see range from the pyramid-formed rock formation known as the Temple of Ra, the Colorado River Confluence, the isolated parts of its northern border Rim, and Imperial Point. This can be a very comprehensive tour that can take you to view many of the land within the Grand Gorge Park.

(You might choose to take an plane tour that flies across the same flight path because the helicopters that fly the 50-minute tour. Still, the helicopter tours tend to be better, since the views be more effective. The helicopters can fly a great deal less than airplanes, so you are nearer to the gorge, as well as the home windows within the airplanes tend to be smaller sized compared to big wraparound home windows within the choppers that offer superior viewing.)

Consider Using A Luxurious Tour

All the South Rim helicopter tours are available in fundamental or luxurious versions. The primary improvement in the kind of tours is the kind of aircraft used. The luxurious tours fly on condition-of-the-art EcoStar 130 sightseeing helicopters, as the fundamental tours fly on Bell Rangers or Eurocopter AStars.

The EcoStar is made for comfort with extra leg room, comfy seats, and wraparound home windows for that ultimate viewing experience. Additionally, the choppers are quiet inside, so that your ride is much more comfortable. Therefore the luxurious air tours provide a more and better comfortable experience, but when you won’t want to spend the additional money, you will still enjoy yourself on the fundamental tour.

The Grand Gorge, and also the South Rim particularly, are extremely busy holiday destinations, and lots of individuals who visit there choose the helicopter tours. Which means the tours sell out fast. Because of this, you should purchase your tour well ahead of time, you may also wish to accomplish it once you book your hotel reservations. Should you wait too lengthy, you’ll most likely need to pay more if there are also open seats available.

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