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Climbing for kids?

Yes, but under adult supervision and good belaying skills. Climbing for kids is a perfect activity if you would like to tame your child’s inner monkey. And climbing for kids with Altitude activities is an interesting, fun, and safe way to learn how to climb as a family and how to properly belay your youngster. You do not need any experience to join us at climbing for kids adventure, this activity is suitable for newbies as well.

Go climbing with Altitude adventures

So book the climbing for kids with Altitude activities and get ready for an awesome half-a-day trip up the rocks. Climbing is an exhilarating sport, belaying is a great way to form strong bonds within your family, but it is safe only if you are doing it right. This course, named Climbing for kids by Altitude activities is taught by experienced instructors, who teach kids and parents how to safely climb and belay, while having fun and experience climbing in a relaxing and exciting way.

Climbing for kids is a perfect activity for your whole family. We spend too much time at work, on our smartphones, tablets, in front of TV these days. We take family and family bond for granted. And activities, such as climbing for the whole family, can save a lot of families from becoming too distant from one another.

Little climbing monkey

At some stage of their life, kids can climb almost anything. It is then, when climbing for kids is really great to become a guided and safe adventure. Things we learn at a young age, will stay with us forever. Our climbing for kids adventure will teach you how to properly belay, how to move, how to stay safe, how to take care of your whole family while on a climbing trip. Rental gear is included, so you do not need anything else except for your kid and some giggles.

We assure you that your kids will talk a long time about the climbing for kids experience.

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