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How to Plan a Walking Holiday in Greece

Walking holidays can be a lot of fun, if planned properly. Many people who go on conventional holidays often end up gaining a lot of weight. That’s because they eat all of the local delicacies and foods on offer, without exercising a lot. However, if you truly want to explore a country, you should definitely consider opting for a walking holiday. Walking holidays are now offered by a number of local travel agencies. It’s a fantastic way for people to explore another country while also getting to meet the locals. If you want to plan a walking holiday, there are several important things that you need to know. Here are a few tips to help you plan a walking holiday.

Contact a Travel Agency

As mentioned above, there are a handful of travel agencies that specialise in planning walking holidays. It’s very important that you contact a local company that offers walking holidays before making a decision. One of the best destinations that you can visit in the world is Greece. Filled with beautiful archipelagos, olden architecture, steeped in historical monuments and offering breathtaking vistas, Greece is a wondrous destination that offers plenty for all kinds of travellers. However, if you are interested in traveling to Greece, it’s highly recommended that you contact a travel agency that offers walking in Greece holidays. Most travel agencies offer ready-made packages, while others also provide custom packages.

Create an Itinerary

The rule of thumb when going for vacation is to have an itinerary and then follow it closely. Many people don’t, and as a result of that, end up losing crucial time that could be spent traveling around the country. If you are going on a walking holiday to Greece, it’s important that you create an itinerary. You can talk to the travel agents to find out whether some paths will take longer to traverse as compared to others. If you are a reasonably fit person with experience in walking over long areas, you will be able to cover walks over varied terrain with relative ease. However, if you are just getting into the habit of walking, you might want to consider taking it easy.


Make sure you pack appropriately based on the time of the year that you will be travelling on. For instance, if you are travelling during the winter months, it’s recommended that you take proper coats and read about the weather in the country before you embark on your trip. Ideally, it’s recommended that you check online to get a better idea about the different walking tracks and the general weather conditions of the country before you leave on your trip. Most importantly, try not to take too many things along with you. Always pack as light as you can because you will be moving around quite a bit. If you are always lugging hefty bags with you, it’s obviously going to be difficult for you to travel and enjoy your holiday properly.

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