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Looking for an escape from Montreal? Head to Bromont!

Montreal is surrounded by picturesque locations, and if you have been thinking of an escapade away from your work life, Bromont might fit the bill. Bromont is among the few places in North America, where you can enjoy night skiing and the destination works well for families, backpackers, adventure enthusiasts, and honeymooners alike. It takes less than an hour to reach here from Montreal, and we recommend that you spend a couple of days here, if not more. Here are some quick tips that may come in handy.

Book your stay in advance

Bromont has some really known hôtels, especially around the Granby Zoo. We recommend that you book your stay in advance, especially for the winters when people come in huge numbers for skiing. It is also a great idea to consider packages that these hotels have on offer, which may include something like a pass to the zoo or a cruise on the Grand Cru. Check before you arrive!

Plan all the fun activities

In the summers, you can spend the day at the water park, which is a pretty good highlight, and in the winters, you can make time for Ski Bromont, which has great options, from biking, mountain biking, skiing and more. The good news is that the trails are maintained pretty well, so you can explore a lot accordingly.

Spa for pampering

If you have an extra day in Bromont, make time for Amérispa Château-Bromont and Balnea Spa. These are two of the most loved spas here, and you can explore a lot of options, right from thermal experience to massages and more. In case you want to surprise your beloved on a weekend, simply book a package and head straight to the right spa.

Enjoy shopping and hiking

To be fair, there is not much to take back from Bromont, but you can pick up a few souvenirs from Old Village Bromont and Flea Market. You can also head to Factoring Tangier for a quick trip. Trails in Bromont are pretty famed, so if you don’t want to spend on adventure specifically, you can take the hikes, most of which are pretty decent even for those with little experience.

Check online now to find more on Bromont hotels and explore the beauty that Quebec has to offer. We promise that the experience is different from what you have tried so far in and around Montreal.

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