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New York City 101: Add These Experiences To Your Bucket List

Counted among the most visited cities in the world, New York City offers a unique and different experience for every traveler. This is a city where you wouldn’t mind spending a tad more, and while NYC is not backpacker-friendly, many experiences don’t have to cost a bomb. In this post, we are discussing the experiences that must be on your bucket list.

  • Make time for Jazz. The musical influence of Jazz on popular music cannot be ignored, and no matter whether you are a fan of the genre or not, you should make time for a jazz session. There are some popular clubs, which have incredible weekly events, but do get tickets in advance.
  • Walk over Brooklyn Bridge. Brooklyn Bridge is a landmark of New York City that has featured in many movies. We recommend that you take a walk before sunset, to click some amazing pictures.

  • Don’t miss those Broadway Musicals. NY is famed for Broadway Musicals, for which you should head to Times Square. A few apps and websites do have discounted tickets, and you can also get last minute tickets for a lower price.
  • Spend a day at Central Park. If you have the time, make sure to spend at least half a day at Central Park, which is spread over 840 acres. Central Park is known for events, concerts, festivals and is a great place to enjoy with the family.
  • Do check for helicopter rides. If you want to really experience the best of NYC, take a helicopter ride, which is expensive but is worth 30 minutes. You would be gliding over some of the most iconic buildings and landmarks, including The Empire State Building.
  • Relish the pizzas and cheeseburgers. New York and cheeseburgers go hand in hand, and you will find an option almost everywhere. Pizzas are equally cheap, and you can even get a slice for $2 or less.
  • Take a brewery tour. There are three breweries in New York City that offer a tour, and we recommend Brooklyn Brewery among all. The tickets do include bites and booze, and one tour could last for about 4 hours. You pay a little over $100.

If you are in NYC, do get the CityPASS, which will offer access to many museums too. There are over 80 museums in the city, and you have to definitely choose the few that interest you.

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