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Planning Your Trip To Copenhagen? Book Your Serviced Apartment Now!

Denmark is famous for its castles, incredible dining experiences and amazing cities. The capital city – Copenhagen – is known for being the most visited city in entire Scandinavia. Copenhagen is famed for the right things – from the small but picturesque Little Mermaid statue to amusement parks, castles, and more, there are endless things to enjoy here. If you are planning to come here on an extended trip, it’s highly recommended that you consider Copenhagen serviced apartments over regular hotels. In this post, we are discussing further on why apartments are a better choice and things you can expect during your stay.

Why consider serviced apartments in Copenhagen?

Copenhagen has some really good hotels, and there is no denying of that fact. However, it is rather foolish to expect privacy at a hotel, unless you are booking the most expensive one in the city. With serviced apartments, you can have a place that feels like home. Some of these apartments and properties have been designed by known architectural firms, and you can expect to get a space that has its own character. The good thing is you will find quite a few options to choose from. Simple one-bedroom apartments, serviced but shared apartments, and penthouses for an extended group, there are enough options for different needs. Not to forget, you get a lot more space for a much lower price. Compared to a hotel room that’s always measured, here you can be on your own.

Things to consider

Of course, not all serviced apartments are the same in the Danish capital, so some initial homework is necessary. Start by evaluating the location of the property, because you want to be sure that public transport is at least accessible. One of the many reasons why people want to use a serviced apartment is because of the facilities, so check what’s on offer. At the basic level, you should have fully-equipped kitchens, and access to community features and inclusions, such as health club and garden. Check how frequently the serviced apartment is cleaned, if you have a 24-hour help desk for assistance, and whether you can get room services. Some serviced apartments also have massage services, free parking, and even wakeup services.

Final word

Since Copenhagen is one of the most visited cities in Europe, serviced apartments are always booked in advance, so before you arrive, make sure that you have checked your options.

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