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What to Pack During Your Trip to Canada?

Canada is a big country, boasting of diverse geographical terrain. Also, the climate is not consistent throughout the country. With a little foresight and patient preparation, you can pack all the necessary items, you will need while travelling. This will save a lot of money and panic, in buying things, while you are travelling.

The weather does not have much mood swings. So, once you decide the dates for travelling, you can easily narrow down your list accordingly. It could be a solo week-long adventure or weekend en famille, these packing tips will save you a lot of time and stress.

What season it is?

Winters in Canada are extremely cold and snowfall is quite common. Take a thick winter coat, snow boots, waterproof gloves, scarves, winter hats, fleece-lined jeans and tight leggings. If you are planning any outdoor activity, take one more set of all the above.

During summers, days are hot, but nights get cooler. Take a light jacket or a sweater, walking shoes, long-sleeve shirts and pants. Your everyday denims, floral skirts, dresses and midis will add colour to your vacation.

Travel documents and money

The first set of things that goes into your bag are the passport, money and other travel documents. The documents could be student /work visa, insurance papers, homestay/lodging papers, prescriptions of your medicines and important phone numbers. Convert and keep some cash in Canadian dollars.


You are travelling to a new country. And, there will be those medicines and supplements that you take daily and specifically available in your country. So, it is wise to buy as much as possible for your travels. Keep the doctor’s prescription, pharmacy bill/receipt and store the medicines in their original boxes itself. This will be thoroughly checked by the Customs at the airport.

Security rules

There are items that can carried in the check-in luggage and not in the hand luggage. Some items will be prohibited, to be carried at all. So, do a thorough reading of all such items, that is updated by the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority.


Apart from all the basics there are other paraphernalia that will be very important during your trip. First comes your camera. Camera bags, extra batteries, charger and memory cards are a must to capture as much of Canada in your photos. Add beanies, travel pillow, rain jackets and torches, to your backpack.

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